Photo plan

1. Premium wedding couple photo plan

The premium photo plan is a Japanese traditional wedding style. We are choosing a nice location of Yamanashi. We would like everyone to feel the four seasons of Japan. This plan is popular among overseas customers and Japanese customers who will be married from now on.

  • Kimono & dressing & hair styling & make up
  • 30 cut of snapshot and data
  • Tax-excluded price 150,000Yen

2. Premium couple photo plan

Why do not you give a special photograph to precious person? You can also shoot group photos with your family. Why do not you keep your memories in Japan with our photo plan? Kimono can choose long sleeve kimono.

  • Kimono & dressing & hair styling
  • 2 photograph & 2 data
  • Tax-excluded price 80,000Yen

[Description of photo plan]
*It may change the room captured by the weather.
*It is possible alignment on the day of the kimono but please tell your size, hope color by our e-mail until the day before 15:00PM.
*Please prepare of inner collar U or V only male cusutomers.

*Please contact us by photo plan contact form or phone for reservation.
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